Help for the Long Term Unemployed

MSc in Finance Scholarships University of Stirling UK 2011 |If you are someone that has been hit hard by the economy, you are definitely not alone. You may have been unemployed for years, unable to find a new job in your field after a layoff. It has been very hard for a lot of hard working people, and lack of money can lead to depression, anxiety, and a strong feeling of despair. There is reason to have hope, however. There are many opportunities available for displaced workers that will help them learn a new trade in order to find work in a field that is currently thriving and in need of workers. There are various technical schools that are offering special scholarships for individuals that are unable to find work in their past fields, and these scholarships help pay for tuition, books, and various other expenses.

Learning a new craft is always a good thing, and when there are scholarships available, this opens up new doors for people who were simply ready to give up hope. Continue reading

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Displaced Workers Can Go Back to School with a Scholarship

USC School of Music gets biggest donation ever | SCHOLARSHIPS TIMESIf you are unemployed or a displaced worker, going back to school may be the best option for you. Going back to school can help you learn a new trade, one that is in-demand, exciting and within your interests. Once you have completed the training and earn a degree you may find it much easier to find a job and get back on the road to self-sufficiency. Men and women can both find multiple benefits to heading back to school, and to help them do it, an array of scholarships are available.

Scholarships are monies awarded to an individual to help cover the costs of attending college. They are provided both by the Federal Government as well as through private sources. In order to receive a scholarship certain criteria must be met, which ranges in terms. Scholarships range in monetary value and are limited in amounts. While there are many types of scholarships, there are special ones for those who have been displaced in their employment. Continue reading

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